Enjoy being luxuriously pampered by natural, herbal products especially blended for oily skin!

Excessively oily skin can make you feel unattractive, self-conscious, and frustrated. The best approach to getting rid of excess oil is one that is gentle yet effective, one that promotes the ideal natural balance of healthy, clean skin. These 5 amazing, all-natural products will give you a luxurious, cleansed feeling, top to toe, with no oily residues on your skin. These amazing products are manufactured under GMP, HACCP, and ISO9000 and are vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, SLS free, and free of artificial fragrances. 

  • BODY – feel smooth, silky, and moisturized all over with this all-natural body cream, based on pure coconut, sweet almond, and lavender oils
  • SOFT LIPS – keeps lips soft, moisturized, and protected, even in dry, chilly weather; based on shea butter and palm oil
  • SILKY HANDS – 16 specially selected ingredients, including shea butter, calendula oil, palm oil, and coconut to soften hands naturally
  • FEET – shea butter and calendula rich foot cream to care for and pamper your feet
  • CLEAR FACE CARE – all natural serum that beautifies and gently cleanses oily facial skin; all natural, enhancing aromatherapy serum with 7 pure herbal extracts

Additional Information: Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in a given product. Keep out of reach of children. Use these products only for their intended purpose and according to instructions. For external use only. Keep away from the eyes.

Skin Care Kit - Oily Skin