Veggie Broth Powder

I am a big lover of veggie broth. I love a cup of hot broth any time during the day. Since I am a vegan and a big label reader, it became impossible for me to find a good ready to use broth. I went through many different brands trying to find one that only has healthy ingredients. Well... since I'm posting this recipe you know I didn't find any... That is how I decided to develop my own recipe. I searched online and tried different recipes, added my own ingredients and readjusting the ones from the recipes I was finding. This helped me to come up with a perfect recipe that I love. Today I am sharing it with you. It's very easy and fast to make. You can add this mix to your soups, casseroles, and many other dishes you love cooking. Or, you can enjoy a cup of hot broth.

Simply mix and shake well in a jar:

2 cups nutritional yeast

4 Tbsp onion powder

2 Tbsp parsley flakes

2 Tbsp dry dill weed

2 Tbsp Italian seasoning

2 Tbsp smocked paprika

1 Tbsp chilly powder

1 tsp cayenne paper

2 tsp turmeric

1 tsp black pepper

½ tsp celery salt

1 Tbsp salt (I like black salt here but it can be any)

4 Tbsp garlic powder (optional)

2 Tbsp poultry seasoning (make sure it only has natural spices and nothing else)

½ Tbsp of whole leaf dried Stevia powder. I powder mine in a coffee grinder. It takes about 1/4 of cup of dry leaves to make 1/2 Tbsp of powder.

Close with an air-tight lid and store in the kitchen cabinet.

Directions: I add 2 leveled Tbsps of the mix into 1,5 cup of hot water. I love adding 1 tsp of olive or avocado oil. You can add any other oil you love more. If you do coconut virgin oil, I recommend adding 1/2 tsp only. Otherwise the broth becomes too greasy and coconutty.