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Raw Vegan Butter - (A)(K)

I tried many recipes and most of the time it doesn't really taste like real butter. This recipe I am going to share with you turned out so close that It's even hard to tell the difference. It is also very delicious This butter can last for a long time in your freezer and for about a week in refrigerator. It doesn't have any of those nasty unhealthy chemicals they often add to vegan butters in stores. Super easy to make and tastes like real butter. Just mix all the below ingredients in a blender and blend till creamy. Poor into a container, cover with a lid and put into the freezer. Ready in about 30 minutes. Easily comes out of form when needed.

½ cup / 8 tablespoons almond flour/meal if you make your own in a food processor make sure there is no skin on the almonds as otherwise, you'll end up with little brown bits through your butter

½ cup + 2 tablespoons / 150 ml any plain unsweetened non-dairy milk but NOT coconut. Coconut milk will make butter taste like coconut.

½ to 1 teaspoon black salt. Add ½ if you want it to be not salty at all and 1 tsp if slightly salty. You can add regular or pink salt but the black one make whole bunch of a difference.

1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar or lemon juice

½ cup / 120 ml extra virgin olive oil

1 cup / 240 ml melted & room temperature refined coconut oil it must be refined NOT unrefined, to avoid adding coconut flavor to your butter.

2 teaspoons nutritional yeast (optional) I didn't put in mine because I am not a big fun of nutritional yeast but it would add your butter more buttery flavor.

Additional: As an idea, you can steer in some chives, dill, parsley, garlic, or even some sweetener into your butter, to add it some customized touch. Better not to blend in a blender when these ingredients are added.

Hope you like this butter the way my family loves! ❤️

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