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Trojan Body Invaders

Parasites in people are all kinds of worms, lamblia, Lyme disease, fungus, candida, and others, that live in our body and on it. Most people have them and don't know about it. For this reason, we keep spreading them from one to another. We infect our families, sexual partners, co-workers, friends, and anywhere we go.

Worms most of the time nest in our liver, lungs, and less times in the intestine or in other organs. If you are infected with parasites most probably you will have some of these symptoms: pain in the area where worms are, bloating, fatigue, have mental or emotional issues, nutritional deficiencies, weight gain or weight loss, cravings for sweet or fats (especially in the evening,) low energy, and gas.

It's much easier to get infected with parasites than you can even imagine, because they are all around us. Here are just a few examples, how you can get infected: eating with dirty hands, eating foods which are not properly cleaned or washed, walking barefoot outside (especially in mud), drinking tap water or water from public fountains, eating fresh salads or fruits in restaurants, swimming in pools (cysts and eggs survive very well in chlorine water,) swimming in river or lake (sea water has less parasites,) using hot tubs, gym, and anything else public you can touch, like chairs, toilets, sinks, money and all the rest that has been touched by many people. Sexual contact is a common cause of parasitic infections such as chlamydia, and others.

Lamblia are very dangerous for children and can even kill. They are very small and can migrate to different parts of the body, including the brain, lungs, liver, heart and other organs.

(on image: Giardia lamblia protozoan)

If you feel grossed out and worried about yourself and your family after reading all above, your first thoughts are most probably to go to a doctor and to get checked. Let me slow you down and explain why you will only waste your money.

Detecting parasites is very difficult and would require many different tests, run in different times of the day and in different approaches. Most parasites are not easy to detect because they hide in various organs, and none of the tests for them are totally reliable. Stool exams are used most commonly, but they are incredibly inaccurate. The reason is that the laboratory only analyzes a small amount of the stool and it may not contain the parasites, even though they are present in the body. Parasites also go through live cycles, and if your test was done at the wrong time it has a big chance to miss the eggs. Blood tests for antibodies and others are also not perfectly reliable, there can be false positives as well as false negatives. Biopsies, x-rays, PET scans and MRIs are occasionally useful, but are rarely done unless one has a strong suspicion and knows exactly what one is looking for. For this reason, I just assume that most people have parasites and since we live around people, we better do parasite cleansing regularly without even bothering to lab test ourselves.

Here are just a few but most common symptoms that can tell you if your body already has big amount of parasites: bloating, fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain, weight gain or loss, intestinal bleeding, itching anywhere in the body, anemia, headaches, and many others. In serious cases, parasites invade the vital organs and cause serious illness or even death.

Unfortunately, parasites are not easy to get rid of with quick methods, such as taking a pill or two, drinking some herbal tea or taking parasitic supplements. Yes, of course we all are lazy and want an easy pill, but it is lying to ourselves. Getting rid of all the parasites is much more difficult. because they hide all over the body where drugs and herbs cannot reach them. When someone says, “I take anti-parasitic supplements or eat a lot of garlic,” usually it means they have reduced their numbers of parasites to where they are not bothersome and are harder to detect. These two responses are the most common in my practice.

A complete nutritional program which focuses on parasite cleansing, in my experience, can end any parasite infection and prevent reinfection if you take it seriously. It's not as quick as an easy pill but it will guarantee to make the body less suitable for parasitic survival until they die or leave. Even if you are re-exposed to them, your body will not support them. Nutritional balancing and right ingredients can get rid of hundreds of different parasites without harmful pills and expensive bills.

Based on my years of research and proven results of fighting and destroying all kinds of parasites in the human body, I figured out what works the best and how to safely combine different methods to give parasites no chance to survive and how to make the body not livable for them. I wrote the Parasitic Cleansing Plan which works much better than expensive and highly toxic pills. It is suitable for the whole family, including children and will help you to understand what will work best for YOU and what is YOUR way to fit this Plan into your lifestyle in order to prevent reinfections. Click here to purchase the Plan.

Let me finish this article with a few comments on most common anti-parasitic methods.

Garlic. Garlic is a powerful anti-parasitic method but the problem with it is that it doesn't affect all parasites. It is highly effective against some but by far not all. Another thing is, that if you are eating garlic (or any other anti-parasitic food) on a regular basis, parasites in your body learn how to survive in your body and become tolerant to garlic and other things, no matter how much of it you consume on a daily basis.

Pharmaceutical drugs. All anti-parasitic drugs are toxic, and some always remain in the body. With time they all worsen overall health. They rarely, if ever, get rid of ALL the parasites. If your body is weak, it is too perfect for parasites and it is difficult to impossible to kill or remove them all. After taking a pill reinfection is still guaranteed because your body has not been improved and is still a good place for parasites to live in.

Herbs and supplements. These work to varying degrees and are generally less toxic than medical drugs. However, they may reduce the parasitic numbers, but will usually not remove all of them because the body has not been changed and the diet is still supportive for parasites' "home sweet home."

I believe if people could see what they have inside their body, it would take them into complete shock and make them change lifestyle immediately. You do not have to spend years of research. You can use MY years of life and MY time to your benefits. I guarantee you that if you stick to my Parasite Cleansing Plan, you will be clean of any kind of parasites and as the result many illnesses that could happen in your life, will go away as a perfect side effect.

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