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The Dairy Myth

The myth about importance of milk in our diet goes back to the beginning of the 1900's when the National Dairy Council offered USDA a handsome sum of money for their support and offered free milk for schools. They said that children will need multiple servings of dairy every day for a healthy diet. In order for the USDA to make people want to drink that much milk they started a mass campaign and propaganda about milk being essential for us (so that they keep receiving donations and also the government saves money on school's meals). Looking at what is happening in our society today, it is no wonder this myth took off super-fast and people still can't wrap their head around the facts that dairy products are actually very unhealthy for them. First of all, let me start with the facts about milk, which most people get wrong. 1. Milk is good for people. - NO! Milk is not good for people. It is extremely easy to understand if you just imagine feeding a cow with your own milk. Would YOU drink a lion's milk? How about monkey milk? Or a dog's milk? No? Does it sound gross? If yes, then why? What is so different between these milks? It happens because our brain subconsciously knows those milks are not for us and ours is not for them, but when it comes to cow milk, somehow people feel good about it. That's the power of propaganda and constant brainwashing. Cow milk is made for baby cows, goat milk is made for baby goats, as human milk is ONLY made for human babies and monkey's only for baby monkeys. The mineral combinations of each milk are only suitable with the same species it came from. 2. Most people also believe that milk in stores is full of antibiotics. It applies to those who drink it and for those who does not. Well, what if I tell you it's not true and is also a big myth? Is it going to make milk better for you? No, no, and again NO! Milk with antibiotic would be 1000 times better for you than what they are selling in stores. Why? It is because antibiotics costs big money and big industries just can't afford giving it to their cows. Keep in mind that they drain each cow every day and the nipples get infected and wounds on them get chronic. For the reason they can't afford paying for expensive antibiotics, these wounds are getting worse and worse and start passing puss into milk. It is no secret and easy to find information about these facts. Would you like a glass of milk knowing there is puss in it? Or may be a slice of bread with butter and puss? Or that mmmm, so yummy sour-cream on your taco which also has puss in it? If this is not convincing enough then keep reading. 3. Despite people's belief that cow's milk is a good source of Calcium, it is actually totally the opposite. Animal proteins produce acids in human body. In order for us to alkalize it our body needs a big amount of Calcium. It uses the one that comes with the milk and adds its own from your body's reserve. That's why there are already hundreds of medical studies showing that people who consume animal milk the most, have significantly higher bone fracture rates than those who drink little to no milk. Plus, are you eating large amounts of cheese? Throw in the saturated fat, sodium, and cholesterol on top of that. Countries where people don't consume dairy products at all (like Japan, Philippines and others) have close to zero problems related to bones and Calcium. 4. There is a direct link from consuming animal milk to men's prostate cancer and women's breast cancer. Those who are on plant-based diet show significantly lower number of people getting these cancers. Add to it sugar (dairy ice-creams, sweet yogurts, milk shakes, chocolate milk and more) and you just doubled your chance of getting cancer opposed to if you were just drinking it plain. There are also studies showing that women who consumed four or more servings of dairy products each day are twice as likely to develop serious ovarian cancer. 5. Medical studies showed that teenagers who consumed any kind of dairy products have bigger chance of having acne than those who do not consume any at all. Many doctors would recommend such teens to exclude dairy and often just by doing so, the problem gets solved. 6. Besides humans (and companion animals who are fed by humans), no species drink milk beyond their natural age of weaning or drink the milk of another species. Cow’s milk is suited to the nutritional needs of calves, who have four stomachs and gain hundreds of pounds in a matter of months - sometimes weighing more than 1,000 pounds before they are 2 years old. Cow’s milk does not suit the nutritional needs of humans, so it is no wonder that consuming it and its derivatives causes us so many problems. 7. Dairy is one of the most mucus creating and intoxicating products you can consume. That is why, if you have a runny nose (which is the body's cleansing process to get rid of mucus) or any puss source in your body, or pneumonia you will have it much worse if you are also consuming dairy. These are only a few direct health affecting facts. There are more to this list you should study up on. I am not even talking about all the misery and pain those animals go through for our glass of milk. Knowing the facts and busting the myths as well as seeing with your own eyes the whole gruesome reality of the dairy industry can change your desire to drink milk again. Please, share this article with your friends and let's all together change lives.

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