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Natural remedy for teeth you can make yourself. Healing mouthwash.

I believe this is an amazing mouthwash for dental treatment which can do magic.

Take 500 ml of 40% vodka (no flavors and additives.)

Add half a glass of calamus roots. This is the first infusion.

To prepare the second one, take another 500 ml of 40% vodka and add 15-20 grams (0.5-0.7 oz) of ground propolis.

Close both with a tight lid and put into dark place for 10 days.

These tinctures will last for a very very long time. You don’t need to drain them or refrigerate. In fact you can mix them into a smaller size bottle (enough for 4-5 days) and keep it close to your tooth paste so you can use it as a mouthwash after brushing teeth.

Here is how to mix them. For one portion you need to mix together 1 Tbsp of calamus tincture and a teaspoon of propolis tincture. Rinse your mouth with this for 2-3 minutes.

For 5 days mix accordingly – 5 Tbsp of calamus and 5 tsp of propolis tincture.

Use this mix one time day before bedtime. It’s the best time because you are not eating or drinking anything for a long enough time. If you have severe tooth pain you can use this mix 2-3 times a day. The pain will completely go away naturally in 1-3 days.

I recommend using it for about 3-5 weeks, to recover enamel, but you can keep using it for as long as you live. There is probably no better mouthwash than this. Calamus penetrates into the roots of the teeth and anesthetizes them, and propolis fills all microcracks. Teeth are completely healed naturally!

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