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and some facts you might not know

Previously I posted my article about banana myths that you can find by clicking here. This new article continues the topic and provide more information about bananas.

1. Bananas should not be refrigerated. - MYTH. Bananas CAN be refrigerated. They last longer in cold. Distributors want you to buy more bananas and they know bananas go bad fast in room temperature.

2. Bananas are not weight-loss food. 1 medium size banana contains 105 calories. For instance, 1 large orange or 1 large apple have 2 times less calories.

3. Bananas contain tyramine which triggers migraines. According to University of Maryland Medical Center, if you have problem with headaches and migraines, you should avoid bananas. Make sure you always remove the stringy pieces of peel from the banana before you eat it, because banana peel contains 10 times more tyramine than the fruit itself.

4. According to certain studies, bananas cause even more tooth decay than chocolate and chewing gum. It's because when starch from bananas rests between the teeth for 2 hours it will hurt your teeth and gums over longer period of time than sugar.

5. Bananas contain tryptophan, which is an amino acid that reduces mental performance and reaction time, and makes you feel tired and sleepy. They are also rich in magnesium. Magnesium helps to relax muscles and bananas actually make a good bedtime snack.

6. If you have ragweed allergy you better avoid eating bananas. America has ragweed all over and most people who have environmental allergy don't realize this allergy is caused by ragweed. People with this kind of allergy and also allergy for latex will have similar symptoms when eating bananas.

7. If you have respiratory problems, bananas might make it worse.

8. Banana starch is very heavy for our body and it takes a long time to digest. That's why some people feel abdominal pain or bloating after they eat bananas.

9. If some time you feel lightheaded, have low blood pressure or low energy, it can be related to a banana you ate earlier. The Journal of Medical Case Reports revealed extreme cases of banana allergy even in infants. The study suggests that while introducing solid foods to babies, parents must be cautious and consider bananas as an allergen.

10. Hard or not fully ripen bananas cause constipation. On another hand very soft and over-ripen bananas aid constipation.

11. Bananas cause gas.

12. Over-ripe bananas have a lot more sugar and little of other nutrients.

13. And finally, the banana business is the bloodiest business out of all fresh produce, followed by avocados from Mexico. The banana business is literally built and run on people's blood and slavery. Thousands of innocent people get killed every year in Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Honduras over the banana business. Everything "superfood" you hear or read about bananas is propaganda of United Corporation which monopolized this business and runs most of the banana market in the world. Most people who live near conventionally grown plantations develop different diseases related to insecticides sprayed over bananas. 80% to 90% of children are born with special needs. Pilots who fly over banana plantations often report that during flights they either fall unconscious for a moment, or suddenly forget how to fly the plane. They believe this is caused by strong chemicals they are using. In USA and Europe organic bananas take only 3% of the whole banana market, because United Corporation controls the market and does whatever they can to disrupt organic production.

Next time when you eat conventionally grown banana, think what you eat. Always choose organic bananas.

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