Mustard Flower For Depression and Depressive Disorders

It is far too simplistic to say that flower essences can cure depression or even extreme episodes of the blues, but mustard essence has been shown to lift the moods of many people who feel inexplicably sad or overtaken by malaise.


Here is how you can prepare the mustard flower essence yourself. Prepare a sun tea by leaving mustard flowers and water (just enough to cover the flowers) in a glass bowl in the strongest sun heat for a few hours. Do not drain. Mix this evenly with brandy. Let it sit in a dark place for 48 hours. You can drain after this or leave flowers inside. They will not spoil the essence. HOW TO TAKE:

- Similar to homeopathic medicine principles take three drops of this *mother” essence and mix it with one ounce of water. Repeal, using three drops of this “stock,” and mixing it with one ounce of water. You can make as many bottles as you'd like in this manner. Drink 1 bottle of this mix every time you have very mild episodes of bad mood.

- As for taking the essence for heavier episodes, you can drop seven or eight drops under the tongue four times a day.

- You can also put a dropperful in the bathtub. - Finally, you can put it in a misting bottle and spray it around the room. While some people feel mood lifts right away, most often the essences work more slowly, more subtly. And as with any kind of depressive disorder, consult a doctor. NOTE:

If you don't have mustard flowers or simply would like to buy premade product and avoid the hustle of preparing one yourself, here is a link to a good option: