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The A-factor, for Weight-Loss and Healthy Living

Do you know what the A-factor is?

It's a Myth that we don't have to eat alkaline foods because the body balances it's pH without help of food. Science proves that high acidity makes it exceedingly difficult to lose weight. At times acidity levels can make it even impossible to lose weight. Hence, why some people think they are doing everything right to shed pounds but make zero progress. Some people say that often the reason is hormones. Sure! But what affects hormones? Acidity first of all!

After talking to many people about body acidity and how critical it is, I realized how many people are resentful and skeptical of this information. Many found my statement to be foolish, to put it kindly, based on hostile comments I received in some Facebook groups. I genuinely believed acidity level importance was a well-known fact and doesn't need much explanation. Wrong! Now I must elaborate on it because acidity is one of the most important things that keeps us either healthy or sick. Our health literally depends on how alkaline or acidic our blood is, and this is the A-factor. Understanding it and living alkaline life is like finding the Holy Grail for your own health. Yet, surprisingly few people know this. Plus, health knowledge often means behavior change is necessary. Asking people to change their diet is a sensitive subject that flares emotions, tempers, and leads most people to turn a blind eye. Unfortunately, this is because of the health crisis we face in this country that would be impacted immensely by healthy eating. That means health knowledge is power. Helping people feel better, look better, and have greater confidence is my passion. You have to choose to want healthy and not turn a blind eye or feel frustrated and angry with the messengers who research and bring you news that require you to change what you eat.

First of all, let me clear up what is pH, so everyone understands deeper what I am talking about. When we digest food and get energy from it (in the form of calories) our digestive system acts like a slow-burning fire. When it's done, same as a fire it creates ash, or waste in other words. This ash in your body can be acidic or alkaline, depending on what you ate. If you eat a lot of processed food, sugar, fried food, you will have acidic ash, which will lead to chronic inflammation and weaken immune system.

Many people, and even dietitians in those groups were making fun of me and telling that we do not need to eat alkaline food and that our body can balance pH without us helping it. I can take it from anyone but not from a dietitian. It's a deadly sin for someone who has bachelor's in nutrition not to know how acid works in our body. Yes, thankfully it's true that the body can balance pH on its own, but just like any other system it can get overwhelmed. Especially if it has to work constantly without rest. Everything has a limit. I'll explain how exactly the body balances our pH and at what price.

This is what people can't understand when they hear about the body being able to regulate on its own. Alkaline diets are not really about alkalizing your body with food. Alkaline diets are about removing from food what acidifies your body and giving your system a chance to keep your pH healthy and productive.

Keep in mind that food is not the only thing that acidifies you. Your medicine you are taking for any kind of health condition acidifies you many times more than food (Even if it's only 1 pill a day.) If you are taking medications on regular basis, you acidify yourself more and more and can't understand why you don't feel better. At the end of this article I share about the Alkaline Plan I wrote. If you understand this plan, you will be able to maneuver your medicine intake with foods in the way that your body will be able to alkaline itself.

Stress and negative emotions add a lot to it too. If plus to your acidic diet you are taking some sort of medications, and what's even worse, if you are in negative spirit or going through stress, your body is highly acidic and is crying for help through different disorders and weight gain.

Extended acidosis increases the risk for a number of health issues, such as heart diseases, high blood pressure, kidney stones, muscle mass loss, type 2 diabetes, cancer, lower back pain, tooth decay, osteoporosis, and even infertility.

Alkaline diet on another hand, provides a healthier colon, lower cholesterol, weight loss, stable blood sugar, healthy immune system, increased energy, and you can say goodbye to headaches, acid reflux, slow digestion, and more.

My clients who live on alkaline diet, got cured from many health conditions and today all are healthy people. If you follow my recommendations in the plan, you will walk away from most of your medications as a natural side effect and will feel yourself much better in no time.

Right now, I will not explain all the above conditions and how they happen. Instead I want to focus on why an acidic body has a hard time losing weight. This fact was the most resentful in the group for weight-loss and they deleted my post, even though it was not breaking any of their rules.

It's no secret that muscles in our body are responsible for burning body fat. The more muscle you have the less fat you have. When your body is acidic, what do you think it needs to use in order to neutralize it and how exactly does it balance your pH? Remember the dietitians I mentioned above? The answer is calcium, magnesium, and potassium are the only things that can alkaline acid. Where does your body get them from? Either from what you eat, or from your muscles and bones.

If you keep going on extended acidity, your body loses muscle mass and calcium from your bones. As a consequence, the less muscle mass you have, the more fat you will store and it becomes hard for you to lose weight because you don't have enough muscle mass to burn fat. Healthy bodies don't store fats. In order for you to start getting healthy and lose weight, or prevent bones and teeth issues, same as preventing any health conditions mentioned above, you have to keep yourself alkaline. The perfect pH in human blood should be between 7.35 and 7.45. Anything below 7.0 is acidic. Anything above 8.0 is over alkalized

The easiest way to eat alkaline is to choose wholefoods. Keep in mind that some veggies, are actually acidic. Research which ones alkalize or acidify you more. Of course, you should always research which foods are best for you and help maintain your health.

For people who are not prone to research or whose life is too busy, I prepared a body alkalizing plan which can be purchased on my site for only $19. The plan explains everything you need to know, what you need to eat, and not need to eat to alkaline yourself. I made it as easy and complete for you as possible.

If after purchasing the plan you still have questions or something needs more explanation, I am here for you and will help you to get started. You can also always reach out to me along the way and I will be more than happy to answer your questions. If you stay on this plan, already in one week you will feel a different you. Eventually, you will lose the need in your medications and start feeling great on your own. I am helping people to alkaline their bodies for the last 10 years and I have real stories, which I can share with you if this is something you are interested in. I am helping people not only in the USA but also in Europe (England, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, and other parts of the World.)

Alkaline diet is actually delicious and not expensive at all. With ingredients in this plan you can make any dish, smoothie, soup, salad, and even desserts which will have alkaline pH. Click here to buy the 14 Day Alkaline Diet Plan, or copy this link and paste in your browser -

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