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How to Improve Metabolism

Most people say their metabolism is not great. They blame it on hormones, genetics, weak health, or “don’t know why” and “not lucky.” In this straight to the point article, I’ll share what really affects your metabolism and how you can improve it.

Meals. Eat at least 3 times a day on a consistent schedule. It is still important to keep in mind what to eat. If your day is highly active you can have higher calorie meals. If less activity, make sure your meals are light. The goal here is not to make yourself eat three times even if you do not feel like it, but to train your body to expect food on an exact schedule, and not to overeat. After 11 PM metabolic processes slow down and starts up the mechanism of massive body cleansing. Anything you eat at nighttime will go to your body’s storages. For this reason, do not eat later than 3 hours before 11 PM, which means be done eating by 8 PM.

Motion. Get as much body movement as you can. Move while brushing your teeth, while you are cooking, do not wait for the elevator, instead go up the stairs, remember the morning exercises and the evening walks. It is important not for the reason to burn calories but to keep your muscles active. Muscles activity improves metabolism.

Sleep. People who sleep about six hours a day are more likely to suffer from metabolic problems. On average they are three centimeters wider than those who sleep more with all the rest conditions being the same.

Diet. Make sure you eat mainly fresh, whole, and unprocessed foods. Pesticides, chemicals and processed food directly affect metabolism.

Cayenne pepper, ginger and cinnamon. These are great calorie burners, both powdered and fresh. In addition, they tend to enhance the taste of food, from which you will use less salt, which in excessive amounts blocks fluids in the body.

Cold shower. A cold shower will make your body warm up, activating metabolic processes, and it strengthens the immune system.

* * * * *

Your metabolism can also be affected by several conditions as follows:

- Ratio of muscles and fat. Metabolism occurs faster in people with a predominance of muscle mass.

- Age. The older the person, the lower is the rate of calorie burning.

- Gender. In men, the metabolic rate is 5-10% higher than in women of the same age and similar parameters.

- Food thermogenesis. The amount of energy spent on "processing" and assimilation of food entering the stomach affects our metabolism. The easier to process food the better it is for metabolism. Fruits and berries are the easiest to digest. They are followed by leafy vegetables, then above ground vegetables. The rest will be heavy.

Now, you know what part of your life could be changed in order to improve your metabolism.

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