Healthy Pickles - (A)(P)(K)

These are the pickles which will be free of all the store chemicals and vinegar. And they will also have good probiotics in them. Pretty much any pickled in the right way veggie will make probiotics. Some less some more. The most important part in it is not to add vinegar and not to put it under high temperature. Stores add a lot of white vinegar and used hot water upto 3 times over cucumbers in order to kill all bacteria on them. For this reason they are not as healthy (if healthy at all) than the ones you can make at home.

Use some container that has a lid, according to the how many cucumbers you are going to use, so they can fit. Only use the kind of cucumbers I show on the photo as any others will get saggy and taste will be totally different. Glass container is preferable.

You can do cucumbers whole as they are, sliced along side or cut into circles. In a big mixing bowl mix your cucumbers with fresh dill (if you can find the blooming one that's the best). The more dill you put in the stronger pickles will smell like dill.

Add about 2-3 cloves of sliced fresh garlic

1 green leaf of horseradish

A few pieces of black pepper peas

If you like them a little spicy you can add flakes of red hot pepper

And 3-4 bay leaves


Approximately 1000ml of warm water

1 TBSP of salt

Sugar you can add to taste. Add half of TBSP if you don't want them to be sweet. Add more if you want them sweet

Transfer all the cucumbers mix into your jar or container, pushing them in to fit tight together. Then fill them with the pre-made water until covered completely. Leave it outside for several hours or overnight and then transfer to refrigerator. In about 2 days they are ready to eat. The longer they stay, the stronger they get pickled.

You can skip horseradish or you can substitute it with cilantro. The pickle juice made this way is the one everyone is saying, "the pickle juice is good for you." It's not about the store pickle juice which is heavily processed and has added chemicals.