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Raw Italian Dressing

I do not buy salad dressings. Instead I make them myself. Some of the dressings are so incredibly easy to make that you won't even think twice about buying another full of chemicals and preservatives salad dressing in a store. I recommend you buy all needed ingredients and have them available any time you need to make a dressing. I went a little further and just mix all dry ingredients together in a bigger container. When I need to make the dressing, I just add about 5-6 Tbsp of my mix, apple cider vinegar and olive oil. Done! Takes me 30 seconds to make a ready to go dressing. Dry Ingredients: 5 Tbsp of each - dry parsley, dry chives, dry cilantro 1 Tbsp of dry basil 1 Tbsp of dry oregano 1tsp of black pepper 1tsp of cumin seeds 1tsp of celery salt 3tsp of garlic salt 1 Tbsp of dry onion flakes You can double or triple these amounts when you are making a dry mix. When the mix is ready, put 5-6 Tbsp (or more if you wish) in a dressing bottle and add the wet ingredients:

3-5 Tbsp of organic Apple Cider Vinegar 1 cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Shake it all well and serve over your salad. It's best though if you let it sit for a while, just to let dry ingredients soften up. You can store this dressing in your kitchen cabinet for a pretty long time. Nothing is going to happen to it. It won't go bad even in 2 weeks. In a refrigerator the oil tends to thicken. You will need to let it sit in room temperature for about an hour or put the bottle into hot water before serving over your salad.

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