Guacamole Based Dip (A)

This is a very accidental dip I made, which turned out to be so good that my family couldn't leave the table until ate it all. Now it's our favorite dip.

I had left over chunky spicy guacamole and some sunflower seeds I soaked couple of days ago but never used (Always refrigerate soaked seeds and nuts!)

What you need:

3-4 full tablespoons of guacamole (I used spicy one)

1 full tablespoon of vegenaise, or any mayo you have

2 full tablespoons of soaked sunflower seeds, or pine nuts will do good too

Mix all together and serve with your favorite chips or with cucumber slices. Either way it's delicious but we loved with cucumber more because it's lighter. In place of chips you can have carrot circles or sticks, celery sticks or even a mix of different veggies. It's so good! Never again just guacamole for us!