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Fermented Beet Greens

Do you know you can ferment beet greens into a delicious side for your entree? Plus, as any pickled vegetable which is pickled in the right way, without use of chemicals and vinegar, beet greens also develop probiotic. You will nourish your intestine while pleasing your taste buds.


Beet greens from 6-8 beets

Garlic - 5 medium size cloves

Chilly pepper - 1 small fresh or 1 tsp dry

Black peppercorns - 10 pcs

Dill seeds - 1 tsp


Water - 1 gallon (3,5 litters)

Salt - 2 Tbsp

Sugar - 2 Tbsp

Juice of one lemon

Here is how you do it:

Young leaves of beets dip into boiling water for 5 seconds and quickly remove. Do not hold them in boiling water for longer. Let them cool down. When they are cold, cut them the way you see on the photo above, add sliced garlic, chilly pepper, black peppercorns, and dill seeds. Toss them together and transfer into a glass jar.

Add salt, sugar and lemon juice into water and cover the beet leaves completely.

Let it sit in room temperature with lose cover (napkin or cheese cloth) for 2 day. In 2 days you can cover them with a lid and move to refrigerator. Keeps good or 2 months easily if only you will be able to give it a chance. Very delicious.

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