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Environmental Allergy

If you are suffering from environmental allergy, here is the very best way to fix it forever in as quick as 3-5 days.

Every word in ingredients I am going to use is extremely important. Scratch one word out of it and you will not have the result.

You'll need: LOCAL Wildflower Unfiltered Honey LOCAL Wildflower Unfiltered Pollen

This honey and pollen must be collected in your area from wild flowers and have their original undamaged state. So unfiltered. Mix them together as little as 30% pollen to 70% honey and not more than 50% pollen to 50% honey. Take 1 Tbsp first thing in the morning before you drink or eat anything. Don't eat or drink for the next 30 minutes at least.

You can stop taking it when all symptoms completely gone. Normally takes 3-5 days. The worst cases I've ever seen took 7 days.

You don't need to repeat it every year. You already will have immunity to environment as long as you live in the same location. If you relocate or travel somewhere during allergy times and start having your allergy back, you need to repeat the whole process but already with THEIR LOCAL wildflower honey.

You will forget what is environmental allergy and how it feels.

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