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Do you know that Daylily is actually eatable? In China they grow it as a vegetable and sell in grocery stores.

You can eat spring leaves in salads. The new buds of flowers are delicious steamed or sauteed in olive oil. Opened flowers can be chopped and added into soups as a thickener. You can eat their roots raw or cooked like potato.

Daylilies are pretty beneficial for health and are very healthy to consume.

  • It helps in detoxifying entire body system.

  • Helps to reduce symptoms of red urine.

  • The flower lessens hemorrhoids.

  • Helps curing insomnia.

Daylilies contain hallucinogens though and should be consumed in moderation. They can be dried to store for longer time :) BTW, pumpkin, cucumber, squash flowers are also eatable and can be used in many dishes

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