Cough and Asthma Remedies

Looks like coughing is a hot topic every year. In this article I want to talk a little about cold coughing and what to do if you get one, but I will give more attention to asthma related coughs.

First, let's talk about non-asthmatic coughing. Most of the time people try to stop coughing as soon as it appears, and the most common question asked is, "How do I STOP a cough?" You should not treat a cough as an enemy and should never try to stop it no matter how bad it is. Coughing and sneezing help to clean our body from dust, mucus, and bad bacteria. It also helps to avoid cardiac arrest because it works like a massage: the movement of the chest partially restores the rhythm of the heartbeat. Instead of stopping a cough, we need to cure the REASON we are having this cough. Because if you don't cure the reason but attempt to stop the cough, mucus will start accumulating in your respiratory system and it will only make you sicker. Coughing can be either dry (irritated with infection throat) or wet (it's the second stage and happens when infection gets into your bronchitis and lungs.) Depending on what kind of cough it is you would have to decide what exactly in your body needs to be cured.

Let's focus now on asthma related coughing as there are more and more people in our days develop this condition due to worsening air pollution and other issues. Although below remedies can be used for a regular cough too, they are strong enough to deal with asthma.

If you have asthma you know how complicated and big this topic is. Asthma can have many reasons. Very often it is psychological, and I will not stop on this particular topic right now as it would require a whole different article. It also can be allergy related or inherited. In either way asthma can be life threatening and one should be taking good care of themselves.

Although, it would be quite impossible for me to cover every kind of asthma in this article and find a universal cure for every one of them, I still will offer you natural remedies which have been proven lots of times as being highly effective in curing asthma and most of them actually cured it 100%. Those who didn't recover completely still noticed significant difference it the way their asthma was acting, and often people would even stop noticing they are having an issue.

Simple Tip: If you feel like an attack is coming and you don't have your medicine on you, peel a banana and warm a smaller piece of it on mild heat till it becomes slightly hot. Sprinkle it generously with black pepper and quickly eat it. Chest pain and suffocation will disappear immediately. Do not forget - this is a way to prevent an attack, but not to cure your asthma. Here are a few long-term treatments. I would recommend you trying one of them for some time. If you don't feel a difference, try another one, and so on until you find the one that works. (See photo examples for the ingredients that you will need)

1) For this treatment you will need green pine cones (young). These should be the ones that come from the tree that produces pine nuts. You would also need pine resin and milk (can be almond or pine nut milk). Dosage: 1 part of cones, 0.5 part of resin and 0.5 part of milk. Put all together into a kettle and make it hot, but do not bring it to boiling. Transfer everything to a large thermos, tightly close the lid, and let it steam for at least 6 hours, shaking occasionally. Do not drain it. Leave all contents inside. Take 1 cup every day. Preferably 1/2 cup before breakfast and 1/2 cup before dinner for at least 3 months. Make sure you are not allergic to pine trees (this happens). This remedy is one of the most promising ones to cure many asthma.

2) Another remedy also has a well-established reputation of healing asthma. For this you will need and old root of turmeric and 50 mg of honey (Better that it is old honey too). You can check it with your local farmers. To prepare the mixture, you need to take one piece of root (about 2" long, or 5 cm) and grate it on the smallest holes of a grater. Add 50 mg honey, steer well and eat the whole thing immediately. If an asthmatic attack stops immediately, then this recipe is right for your body. This treatment can not only stop an attack but can also completely cure asthma.

3) Jerusalem artichoke (or Topinambur) is very distinguished to fight against asthma. 2 Tbls of grated or finely cut roots cover with 1 cup of boiling water. It is necessary to drink it 4 times a day for at least six months. This recipe can either completely cure asthma or reduce asthmatic attacks to a minimum.

4)Practice shows that many are cured of asthma with a decoction of onion peels. To do this, throw a handful of husks into boiling water and cook for up to 6 minutes, so that the broth turns yellow (but not brown). Leaving leaves in water let it cool naturally with a closed lid. Drink it instead of tea or water an unlimited number of times during the day.

5)There are a few other options which help with asthmatic attacks that involve the use of ginger, dill seeds, and juniper. You would use 1 Tbsp of grated ginger and 1 cup of boiling water. Let it sit covered for about 1 hour and drink 1 cup each day. 1/2 cup in the morning and 1/2 cup before dinner. If doesn't work try the same with dill seeds, etc.

The main thing is to determine what suits your body and has the right beneficial effect on it. Then you can beat your asthma or as minimum get it under better control!