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Antibiotics Kill You! How to Recover If You Took Them.

Antibiotics are probably the worst and the most evil invention in medicine. Lately, it is almost impossible to have a visit to a doctor and not get antibiotics prescribed. Feels like that's the answer for everything. My cousin shared recently about his visit to a doctor for his back pain. The doctor ran all possible tests and x-rays. After not finding the problem he told my cousin, "I don't know what is going on. We are not finding any problem. I will put you on very strong antibiotics which you will need to be taking for a long time." When my cousin told it to me I felt furious. Wouldn't you?

What is happening to our body when we take antibiotics? It's a very simple process. Our immune cells rush to the infected area and try to learn/understand how to fight it. When we take an antibiotic, it runs straight to the infection area and paralyzes immune cells. Then it does the work for them but in a worse way. Instead of recognizing only bad bacteria, antibiotics start destroying everyone of them. As the result, for the next seven days we have no immunity, no good bacteria to help the fight, and no good digestive flora. When you get a similar infection, your immunity will be totally confused. It won't know what to do with it because it never learned. Instead of fighting the bad bacteria, it was spending all its energy on learning how to fight that antibiotic. That's why next time the doctor will prescribe you much stronger one. What for? To suppress your immunity in a different way because it already figured something out about the previous medicine and will fight it better.

People who do antibiotics every time a doctor prescribes it end up being sick and sensitive to everything. I do not recommend anyone to take antibiotics EVER! The only time when I would agree for them is when immunity itself basically doesn't exists and the problem is so big that it can even kill. Such situations are really rare. In all other cases, all we need to do is just to help our immunity with right foods and vitamin C.


If you have infected or feeling sick. All you need to do is start taking mega doses of vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate. It has the best absorption out of all of them. How to find your mega dose? First of all, ignore the recommendations on the bottle. Take 5,000-10,000 mg (or 5-10 gm) of vitamin C at once. If you got diarrhea it means you excided your mega dose. Try next time 500 mg (or 0.5 gm) less) until you do not have reaction in the way of diarrhea anymore. There is nothing to worry about as diarrhea is the only side effect and it is actually the way your body cleanses itself.


If you were already taking antibiotics, it will take a longer process to recover. Just taking probiotic is not enough. The logic is - antibiotics wipe out your gut bacteria along with the harmful bacteria that might be causing your infection, so a probiotic can help to restore order to your intestines. But while it might sound like sense, there is scant solid evidence suggesting probiotics actually don't work if taken this way. Researchers have found that taking probiotics after antibiotics in fact delays gut health recovery. The researchers, led by Eran Elinav, gave 21 people a course of broad-spectrum antibiotics for one week. After this, they had a colonoscopy and an upper-gastrointestinal endoscopy to investigate the state of their microbiome throughout the gut. The surprising finding was that the group who received the probiotic had the poorest response in terms of their microbiome. The surprising finding was that the group who received the probiotic had the poorest response in terms of their microbiome. They were the slowest group to return to a healthy gut. Even at the end of the study – after five months of monitoring – this group had not yet reached their pre-antibiotic gut health.

But that is not to write off probiotics completely. The problem with them may not be with the probiotics themselves, but the way we are using them. It is important for the culture in your probiotic to be still alive. When you are buying it from the supermarket shelf it is most probably dead. Probiotics should be refrigerated at all times. The very best probiotic I can recommend is home-made sauerkraut. Click on the image and it will take you to the page where I explain how to prepare it correctly and how to consume. You can make it yourself.

You will also need to take 1/2 of your mega dose 3 times a day for the first week. Then do 1 time every 12 hours for 2-6 months. Here is one of the best Vitamin C I know. I have it in my house at all times.

Plus, you need to adjust your diet. Eat oatmeal porridge every morning. Do not add sugar to it. Only oatmeal, salt, and you can add a little bit of honey or maple syrup. You can also add coconut oil/butter. Eat as much fresh green fruits and vegetables as you can. That is food for your immunity. You can incorporate in your diet fresh or dried plums, fresh green peas, olives, miso soup, bananas, maple syrup, honey and some others.

If you do all of that, your body will recover and become healthy.

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