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Alkalizing Fruits Myth

In this article I will break the myth about alkalizing fruits.

After 8 weeks of complete body cleansing decided to make a research on the list of fruits which are widely promoted as highly alkalizing. I was eating only one kind of fruit each day. Then I was testing my pH. During this experiment I made pretty interesting discoveries and must say that I have always supported the fruitarianism (fruit only diet) as the healthiest and the best diet on Earth. But yet, myself I would avoid eating fruits too much because I have diabetes Type 1 and fruit sugar would sky rock my blood sugar. The idea of testing this diet and checking which fruits are really alkalizing was very fascinating and I decided to risk. Here are the fruits I was testing and the pH they were creating in urine.

Watermelon - 6.7 Pears - 5.5 Tangerines (or mandarins) - 7.4 Avocado - 7.8 Grapefruit - 5.7 Apples - 6.6 Cantaloupe - 5.5 Kiwi - 5.8 Mango - 5.6 Papaya - 5.1 Bananas - 6.6 Pineapple - 6.6 Peach - 6.2 Strawberries 6.8

According to the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, the average value for urine pH is 6.0, but it can range from 4.5 to 8.0. Urine under 5.0 is acidic, and urine higher than 8.0 is alkaline. Keep in mind that blood pH will always be significantly higher than urine one. Healthy blood pH must be between 6.6 and 7.4 according to AACC.

From what I learned is that pH levels in USA (at least) are lowered because most people are eating very acidic foods and it's not easy to put the real healthy norms on our society anymore. You should still know that any pH less than 7 in urine and less than 7.6 in blood is unhealthy and will create different health issues if kept on that level for quite a while. 8 pH is close to impossible to achieve and you don't need to do it, because any pH about 7.6 in urine is way too alkaline and it's not good too.

So, the list above breaks the myth about many of those fruits as you can see which of them are indeed alkalizing, and which got into this list unreasonably.

There is one suspicion I still have though. It is very possible that different blood type reacts different to different foods. It would be interesting to make a research one day where at least 16 people all with different blood types could do this experiment and we see if the result would be different.

I was eating only fruits for 14 days straight and these are the changes I noticed in my body: - my blood volume raised on second day of being on fruit diet. It is very good for several reasons. - I was barely drinking any water and yet my body was obviously exceptionally clean according to color of urine, which was barely yellow and crystal clear color. - My hair got much stronger and almost completely stopped losing it (big problem for many people). - My nails got really good and stopped breaking. - There could be other things which are not visible to eyes but the last one that I want to mention, is that I noticed a remarkably interesting phenomenon which I still have hard time explaining. If I eat only fruits during the day, I barely take insulin. It means my blood sugar doesn't get affected that much. If during the same day I eat fruits and anything else, these fruits affect blood sugar a lot. For comparison, if I only eat fruits, I will need about 2 units of insulin a day, just for correction. If I eat fruits and the same day low carbs salad (doesn't have to be during the same meal) I will need 10-14 units of insulin that day. The difference is huge.

Conclusion: You don't have to be on a fruit diet to do body cleansing. It can be enough if only you can do 2 days a week straight on fruits, (preferably alkalizing ones) and during the week you eat healthy, and try to be in positive mood, it will be enough for your body to cleanse itself from toxins and mucus, and you will become a so much healthier person.

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