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Nutrition Plans

Take your health to the next paradigm level using years of study and research culminated into well thought out complete nutrition plans. Transform your health and look by acquiring these custom designed mindful plans that doctors and dietitians turn to me for. After you choose your plan and pay, you will instantly receive a downloadable link for a PDF file. Please, download or print it and read everything carefully before beginning. With these exceptionally detailed plans I give you choices and explain how to attain the health goal you seek.

I will be adding many plans as I complete them if you can't wait and need immediate attention I advice you to purchase Health Coaching with me. If your health situation is not listed either on Health Coaching or this page then please contact me directly.

PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS: If you have any issue paying with PayPal, you can pay through direct deposit with Zelle (bank to bank) to email address and the bank name is Bank of America. Send it like personal (not business) and add my name Angelica Rose. It's a really simple process. Here is more information on how to use Zelle Pay:



for general health

We need to keep our body at neutral alkaline to stay healthy. Extended acidosis is very bad for the body and increases risk of many unwanted health conditions. Here are a few side effects of acidosis but not all:

- Cavity and other dental issues

- Osteopenia and osteoporosis

- Lower back pain

- Infertility

- Cancer

- Losing muscle mass and weight-gain

- Type 2 diabetes

- Kidney stones

- Hypertension, stroke, heart disease

-Bad smell and skin problems




for children 1.5 - 15 years old

This Plan includes:


-extensive information about nutrients important for children

- important information about children's diet and what should parents know before preparing a meal for their child

- example of menu, with different options and ideas for every meal throughout the day

- exclusive recipes which will not be published in open sources

Your child's health is completely in your hands. You alone decide what your child will eat and what health he/she will have when growing up. If your child eats well, it doesn't mean he/she eats healthily. Some foods are not compatible and some are not even healthy for your child.

This is a comprehensive Plan for children which will help you make wise decisions for your child's meals and set the foundation for their whole life health. 




Alkaline Plan For Cancer Patients

and for after chemo

This is a detailed plan on how to eat correctly in order to beat cancer. It is expertly designed to take away the foods that feed cancer cells and add foods that kill and fight them.

Recommended additional purchases:

1. Along with this plan I highly recommend you to do parasite cleansing as it has direct affect on cancer cells and your body's ability to fight it. Buy supplement here.

2. You will also need Liposomal Vitamin C 5000 mg or any other mega doze. Better to use the liquid one, if you can find.

3. It is very important for you to remove all chemical cleaning supplies from the house and not use them. Best is to use baking soda for cleaning, and organic supplies.



Parasite Cleansing


for adults and children

Most people have parasites and have no idea about it. Unfortunately, because people don't realize they are infected with parasites, they spread them to their families, sexual partners, co-workers, friends, and anywhere they go.

Parasites can be all kinds of worms, lamblias, Lyme disease, yeast infection, fungus, candida.

This is the nutritional balancing Plan which uses non-toxic approach that works much better than expensive pills.

Recommended additional purchases:

1. Enema bag for at least

1000 ml.

2. Laxative (such as magnesium, senna tea, or organic castor oil.

3. Dry leaves of wormwood.


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