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Choose your program and click Book Now to start receiving one-on-one help and support. Every program is different and requires different amount of time and number of sessions. During our first session I will ask about your conditions, allergies, expectations, wishes/needs and we will set times for our next sessions which will work for both of us. After our first conversation, if you book any program other than the Healthy Lifestyle, I will need a day or two to work on your personal diet and email you first instructions which you'll need to follow. During our following session I will guide, encourage, and support you as you share your experiences. I will adjust your diet if needed. All programs except for Healthy Lifestyle and Cancer Support Diet will have diet adjustments.


You can always reach out to me via email, if something is not clear, not working or you need further explanation. During your coaching period, you are advised to reach out to me with any issue related to your program. I am your personal coach and good communication is the key to success. 

By clicking Book Now button you will be prompted to fill the booking form and selecting time for your first session. Please keep in mind these are programs and you are paying full price in advance. If for any reason you have to cancel or pause your coaching, please contact me directly so I can assist you. You don't need to do anything about it on your end.